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We write about latest games, gadgets along with reviews to help you in choosing the ideal game for you

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We basically review and write about the games for desktop and laptops in this category. You will always be up-to-date with us with increasing number of awesome games for PC's.

Console Gaming

Play station and Xbox falls into the part of console gaming. We review specific console only games that will surely help you to choose the right game for you.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming industry is growing massively. You will never get a chance to miss an awesome game with us. Core of games is the platform where you will find something new every day.

Core of games

Welcome to Core of Games. Your ultimate destination to find about latest games and gadgets.

Generally, people usually spend a lot of time in playing games which does not really satisfy and entertain them as much. Not so awesome graphics and playing controls does not really goes up with their gaming experience and expectations. The more powerful your device is the more better game play experience you can expect from it. So we have decided to help you to figure out the ideal games and gadgets for you. In addition to that we always take care of your budget and suggest you the best deal for you.

We generally write about gaming in the following platforms. So feel free to follow us and dive deep into the world of gaming.

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