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asphalt 9 legends

The racing game is one of the most people favorite category of game. Since there are multiple industries which have provided various racing games and also they are good. However here I have mentioned one of my favorite best racing game. Generally, I feel like racing games add a new thrill to your life. It also fulfills your desire for driving your dream car. Here we will be talking about Asphalt 9 Legends and our review of it.

Basically, we will be looking over every single key point of why this game has become a new favorite on the present generation.

Asphalt 9 Legends Review

Basically, we need to focus on multiple elements if we have to mark up a particular game as one of the best one. So here we will generally look over those elements which have made this game as one of the top best one.

You would surely love to take a look at Best HD android games of 2018. We have enlisted Asphalt 9 legends in that list.


asphalt 9 legends graphics

Basically, I prefer graphics as one of the most important factors for making a game a really good one. Having a game with good graphics makes the game a realistic one. The days have gone when we hardly use to care about graphics, but nowadays graphics is taken as a higher priority while marking a game as the best one. Asphalt has never given us a game with low graphics. In Asphalt 9, the graphics level have been taken in a highly new level making the game a realistic one.

While taking about Asphalt 9: Legends review, we can never forget talking about graphics, and the thing which I can say is that you won’t feel disappointed after seeing its graphics.


asphalt 9 legends gameplay

Gameplay gives us the idea of how the user can adjust the graphics, controls, sound, and much more according to his or her requirements. In this game, you can adjust almost every single element. Apart from the graphics, sound, and control, it also allows you to adjust the factors of your cars. Not only the colors but you will also be able to manipulate with your tracks.

So basically, you might now have the idea of the amount of good graphics and gameplay you will be getting along with the game.

Let us move further talking about other important factors that a good quality game should have.

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Basically, optimization should also be focused when we talk about the word “best”. Generally, an optimized game can be consumed by almost every good device with having a little fewer features. Maybe the RAM is a bit low, but still, that won’t be a big issue, optimization can do that work for you. Having an optimized option means that it will be consuming less amount of battery and won’t even make your device a heated iron.


Now if you are a real gamer, then you will definitely understand the role of controls for making a game the best choice. In this game, you get a perfect control over your car and it allows you to focus on the track and your opponents rather than on the controls. It saves you from all those irritating controls where controlling the car feels like hell.

Asphalt 9 legends requirements

Asphalt 9 is no doubt one of the most graphic intensive games for mobile. You can optimize the graphics in two ways. Either performance or high graphics. By default, it set the ideal option for your device.

This game is highly optimized so you can get a decent frame rate with 3GB ram phones. We have played this game on 3GB ram and helio P60 processor. You can have an idea about its performance from the video.

So hurry up guys, download this game from play store now.

Asphalt 9 legends PC

Luckily this game is available for many different platforms like android, ios and windows 10. So you can enjoy this amazing game from your PC too.

According to the official docs, this game requires a minimum I3 processor and 4GB of ram. No dedicated GPU is required as per the official site.

There is no doubt that PC version will be much more graphic intensive. However many people’s have faced bugs like crashing multiple times, continuous lag. Still, I will recommend you to check it out at Microsoft store.

Review Overview

The intro itself was pretty awesome. Generally, it starts with a race where you get familiar with the controls. Later that you move through a chain of races.

In the beginning, you start with the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. Once you reach the required rank you get prompted to the next car. So basically the career is a car based model. You need to complete races with the current car so that you can proceed to the next car of the higher level. You will find a bunch of really awesome cars in this game. My favorite one is Porsche 718 Cayman.

Asphalt 9 legends require google play account. You would be amazed to hear that you can play it in multiplayer mode also. Once you get 20 career flags multiplayer option get unlocked. In addition to that, you can manage clubs, get daily events, set daily goals.

The best part of this game is its excellent graphics and smooth gameplay experience. At the early stage, you may feel little nervous with the controls but give it a while, you will surely love it.

Racing games basically never go out of trend, and with every passing day, it has been more popular. Asphalt 9 introduce you with the real racing and the harsh hits while being on the track. This game has proved itself as a best one from every single aspect. No matter how much the calendars get turned over, but racing games are always going to be in the trend. Such games have been the pride of the racing games.

Let us know your experience while dealing with the game. Trust me, this game is never going to disappoint you.
Hope Asphalt 9 Legends Review helps you get a better information regarding the game.