Nokia X5 gaming review

nokia x5 gaming review

Nokia has launched a budget smartphone this July in China. After a massive response from China, HMD global had decided to launch it globally. This smartphone named as Nokia 5.1 plus or X5 is an excellent product from Nokia. The company made it pocket-friendly but has not compromised the features. There is a question that always comes to our mind while discussing budget phones. Whether a budget phone is capable of modern gaming or not. Our Nokia X5 gaming review will surely blow your mind.

Nokia X5 gaming review

nokia x5 specficatons


This device from Nokia looks really amazing. We have added a few images, taken from the official Nokia website.

When it comes to reviewing a smartphone in terms of gaming. Then a bunch of factors actually matters. However, from that list, we will focus on the most important ones.

Nokia X5 processor

Nokia X5 processor

First of all, people nowadays think that Snapdragon processors are way much better than MediaTek. If you are one of those peoples then you must stick to our article so that you can understand it’s a total myth.

Latest MediaTek processors are equally powerful as of some high-level Snapdragon processors. This Nokia X5 comes with a brilliant MediaTek Helio P60 processor. It’s one of the most powerful processors that’s usually used in mid or high range smartphones.

If you are a fan of Snapdragon then you would be amazed to know that. This Helio P60 processor is almost equally powerful as Snapdragon 636.

You can surely play all of the best HD android games with this CPU.

Nokia X5 has scored 130k in AnTuTu benchmark.

Nokia X5 GPU

Nokia X5 GPU

A GPU is the most important thing in gaming. A good GPU can provide sharp graphics and smooth gameplay experience.

Snapdragon 636 comes with Adreno 509 which is really powerful. Whereas in the case of MediaTek Helio P60, it comes with an ARM Mali G-72 MP3. This 800MHz GPU is quite powerful but not as Adreno 509.

However when we combine the overall performance of Helio P60 with this GPU. Then it does a much better job as compared to SD 636.

Stay updated on your favorite games

Nokia X5 RAM

RAM plays a vital role in terms of multitasking as well as gaming. Nowadays many smartphones come with huge 8GB ram.

While Games like GTA V runs on a computer with 4GB ram but with an excellent GPU. So, RAM actually matters when your GPU is weak.

In the world of smartphone gaming, 4GB ram is enough to satisfy you with a lag-free experience. However, Nokia X5 comes with 3GB ram only.

Maybe Nokia will launch a 4GB RAM variant soon. Although, 3GB RAM is okay for gaming in medium graphics settings.

nokia x5 ram

Nokia X5 power management

Power management seems to be a demanding key point. Heavy games can eat all the charge within a few minutes. So efficient power consumption is really needed while gaming.

Nokia X5 comes with a 3060mAh battery. Actually, it’s quite low as compared to a few other smartphones in this price segment.

However, Nokia has done a great job in the power management section. You can manage to do gaming 2-3 hours, messaging 3-4 hours, 2-3 hours of talk time with this battery.

It may not be satisfactory but at the end of the day, you have to charge your phone anyway.

The only thing that makes this part amazing is it’s fast charging capabilities. It comes with a Type-C charger so say goodbye to worries.

Nokia X5 display

Nokia X5 display

Finally, the last section of our Nokia X5 gaming review. A beautiful display can make your gaming journey way more awesome.

Higher resolution devices can make it look realistic. However, you can’t always define better display with just only resolution.

Nokia X5 comes with a 5.8-inch notch display of 1520 * 720 pixels. The abilities of Helio P60 with an HD+ display boost the overall gaming performance.

I have enjoyed the crisp and smooth gameplay experience with Nokia X5 gaming review.

Let me know which games you have played in this device and how was your experience!

This 11,000 RS device can run almost any game with medium to high settings.

I have played PUBG, Asphalt 9 like crazy graphics games. Go ahead and check out Critical Ops in your Nokia X5 now.

Nokia X5









  • Powerful processor
  • Nice build quality


  • Low battery
  • Average GPU