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racing fever moto review

Racing games are one of the most demanding games of smartphone users. The gyroscope sensors are the reason behind it. It creates the feel of gaming on a smartphone. However, this game allows you to change the controls as well. That makes it really comfortable and improve the gameplay experience. Let’s check out below the reasons to love this game in our Racing fever moto review.

Racing Fever Moto review

In terms of mobile games, many factors actually matter. However, we will stick to the most important features that make a game successful.


First of all, what I am looking at is all that matters to me. Generally we gamers always seek to play something realistic, graphics intensive. However a few years ago graphics was not a key part of mobile gaming. As we all know that games that time for mobile devices were like 90’s PC games.

Nowadays with the advancement of technology, mobile gaming is evolving really fast. So graphics became a key factor while reviewing a game.

Racing fever moto comes with an option to change graphics. You will be able to find 4 different graphics mode. Luckily our device was performing really well so we were able to enjoy the game at ultra settings. Glad to share that this game looks absolutely stunning in ultra graphics mode. I’m attaching a screenshot below so that you can admit the fact that it’s really graphic intensive.

racing fever moto graphics


The gameplay experience is a combination of multiple small factors. The more we can customize a game according to our needs the more it improves the gameplay experience.

In this case, I am able to manipulate so many things. Sound, graphics, controls and much more to make you satisfied. In addition to that bonus scores, plenty of vehicles will boost your gameplay experience.

Nowadays many popular games do not provide an option to change graphics or controls. However, racing fever moto provides a complete package of customization.

racing fever moto gameplay

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You may have heard the term optimization while gaming on a desktop. Until 2018 we never imagined that this term will be that much effective in terms of mobile gaming also.

An optimized game can perform really well in all range of devices. Whereas an optimization fallback can create major issues like fast battery drainage, overheating, lag.

Racing Fever Moto seems to be well optimized. I have even played it in 1 GB ram smartphone with old MediaTek processor. Where it stunned us with its performance even while consuming a really low amount of resources.


I have already mentioned that with this game you can customize the controls too. This game works amazingly with the gyroscope sensor. However, you can play it also with on-screen buttons also.

Along with it, you can manipulate the sensitivity too. That makes your grip strength in this game.

racing fever moto controls

I have played this game by myself on my Nokia X5. It feels really awesome and smooth. You can have a look at it below.

Finally, I can confidently say that this game is really one the best racing games of 2018. I am attaching the link below to download the game now on your Android device.


Let me know your opinion regarding this game. I would love to see how it looks on your device. Take a screenshot and share it on the official facebook page.

Racing fever moto









  • Multiple controls
  • Good graphics
  • Greatly optimized


  • Really long racing map
  • Bunch of ads